Move the world with local voices

Connect, support, and amplify the impact of existing inspiring climate initiatives of local communities.

WWF recognizes that for effective climate action, it's important to involve local communities, especially indigenous people, women, and youth. These communities lived intimately connected to nature for generations and have specific landscape knowledge and often possess necessary skills to counter the effects of climate change.

What is the situation?

In our close work with local communities, we see growing recognition but it’s precisely these local communities that are not at the centre of decisions about their environment and livelihoods. They have no influence on policy or financial resources, simply because they are not part of the conversation.

Let local communities play their role better

Women, youth and indigenous people are often innovative agents of climate change. Instead of sharing our perspective on the value of local expertise, we need to let government officials, policy makers and finance and business leaders to actively listen to local voices themselves.

What is Voices for just Climate Action?

Voices for Just Climate Action (VCA) is a network of now almost two hundred organizations and thousands of people across Bolivia, Brazil, Indonesia, Kenya, Paraguay, the Netherlands, Tunisia, and Zambia. As part of the network, WWF can ensure that local and global knowledge to fight climate change is connected and facilitate that local people, communities, and organizations have their own seat at the tables where climate decisions are made.

The VCA network started in 2020 as an alliance with four Southern and two Global civil society organizations (Slum Dwellers International, South South North, Fundación Avina, Akina Mama wa Africa, Hivos and WWF-NL) to bring local and global actors with diverse expertise on climate justice and equity and local knowledge on climate adaption closer together.  

Barbara Nakangu
Barbara Nakangu
Programme Manager WWF-NL Voices for just Climate Action
“With VCA, WWF can connect, support, and amplify the impact of existing inspiring climate initiatives of communities that inhabit the richest ecosystems of the world.”
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A local network across 7 countries

Learn more about the local partners, the local challenges and local solutions in the 7 countries of our VCA network. Among them a diversity of rural and urban civil society organizations, alternative media, and grassroots organizations: some youth-led, other Indigenous-led or woman-led.

Christian Braga / WWF-Brazil
VCA Brazil has prioritized and promoted women's roles in the Climate Justice agenda. Of the 72 organizations that make up the network in Brazil, seven are formed exclusively by women.
Fernando Franceschelli / WWF-Brazil
Local actions of the VCA-network of 33 local partners are being implemented in more than 130 indigenous communities, from 10 different Indigenous peoples.
Yayasan / WWF Indonesia / Yunaidi Joepoet
The local people suffer from climate change and power dynamics that limit their access to natural resources.
Brent Stirton / Getty Images
Climate change induced natural calamities are stressors affecting the marginalized groups in Kenya.
In partnership with VCA and WWF-North Africa we strive to mitigate climate change impacts on rural areas. Through citizen mobilization and by sharing the value of local expertise in water management.
16 Local partners provide a broader ecosystem of stakeholders that connect through the network. For example: two member organizations of the Governance cluster.
Gernant Magnin / WWF-Netherlands

How can we engage with local communities?

With the VCA-network we want to ensure that local communities are in the centre of climate action. How can we facilitate?

  • 1

    Collaboration and partnership-building

    By connecting CSOs across different levels, we can bring actors with diverse expertise and local knowledge closer together.

  • 2

    Joint lobbying and advocacy

    As a network, we can lobby and advocate together to make policy and financial flows responsive to locally shaped climate solutions.

  • 3

    Locally led climate solutions

    With local knowledge from rich ecosystems around the world we can consider the unique perspectives and needs of different communities and scale up initiatives.

Reports and updates

May Meet Up 2024

Watch the aftermovie of the May 2024 meetup of Voices for Just Climate Action
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Video: 28@28 28 Minutes of youth-led climate finance solutions at COP28

We're excited to share our COP 28@28 video featuring these young activists from around the globe. Their stories remind us that without enough support, their good ideas can't become real projects to fight the climate crisis affects.
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Juliane Blohme / WWF-SG

Event: VCA Listens to the Youth Voices in the Netherlands

10 April 2024, De Balie, Amsterdam
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Jacqueline Lisboa / WWF-Brazil

Report: Two years of Voices for Just Climate Action

Working together, supporting each other, and developing long-term relationships. The Voices for Just Climate Action (VCA) annual report, shows the illustrative examples of the wide reach of the work of the network in the seven selected countries.
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Ranjan Ramchandani / WWF

Video: With VCA we dive deeper into Inclusive Conservation

Integrating collaborative and inclusive approaches into climate solutions calls for deep listening and learning. With the bottom-up approach of Voices for Just Climate Action (VCA), we can define our role as facilitator connecting those already existing hotspots in the landscapes.
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Report: WWF highlights Voices for Just Climate Action

With Voices for Just Climate Action (VCA), we can connect local and global knowledge to fight climate change and showcase the governance and finance models that promote climate justice from the grassroots level. In the annual WWF-VCA report, we explore the work of WWF in the network in 2022. We reflect on the organization’s approach and results of collaborations, partnership-building, joint lobbying and advocacy.
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Yayasan / WWF Indonesia / Yunaidi Joepoet

A Voice for Just Climate Action: 27 minutes of local voices

We can share our perspective on working with local knowledge in the field, but it is even better if local and indigenous people themselves have their say and we listen to these local voices. Please listen for yourself and watch the documentary with 27 local climate activists and their concrete examples of authentic local solutions.
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Marizilda Cruppe / WWF-UK

Report: learnings local leadership of climate solutions

Curious about the learnings and key takeaways for locally led climate solutions? Read the latest report and help to spread the voices of local people and communities in the Global South in an even bigger network.
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Jaime Rojo / WWF-US

The Silent Drought – Life without water in the forests of Bolivia

All life needs water. It is essential for our ecosystems to stay in balance. However, the quest for freshwater is a daily struggle within the Chiquitano Dry Forest of Bolivia. In these regions water scarcity is leading to thirst to all its inhabitants, including the local communities, Indigenous Peoples, cattle, animals, forests, and fauna. The Bolivian journalist Roberto Navia provides us with an intriguing documentary of the daily suffering of all these inhabitants living within these dry forests.
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James Suter / Black Bean Productions / WWF-US

Help us move the world!

Thanks to VCA we can connect directly at grassroots level and work with new partners, such as indigenous associations, alternative media and local civil society organizations. It challenges us to practice deep listening and learn from the past and others. Please join our mission to create awareness and spur public debate.

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