Amplifying Voices for Just Climate Action

Initiative under the Power of Voices framework

The Climate Crisis that we are facing has no frontiers. We believe it is only possible to foster a just transition to low-carbon and climate-resilient futures with a new level of civil society leadership. This is what Voices for Just Climate Action stand for.

What is the Voices for Just Climate Action programme about?

Climate change is not just purely environmental or physical in nature. It’s also an ethical and political issue, framed as climate justice. We believe it is possible to foster a just transition to low-carbon and climate-resilient futures with a new level of civil society leadership. This will require a renegotiation of already unequal rights and a reimagination of the relationship between people and nature.


Local and global voices

Our Alliance brings together global and local voices by connecting four strong Southern CSOs with two Northern CSOs. Together we have a deep understanding of climate issues, international reach in public and private spheres, experience in capacity strengthening for lobbying and advocacy, strong women’s rights, gender and inclusion programmes and involvement in climate finance mechanisms.


Add your voice to the Panda growl for Climate Justice

Climate Justice has no frontiers. Diversity and collaboration make climate action powerful. WWF-NL is actively working to put locally-shaped climate action at the center of the global climate debate. We do this together with our strategic partners from the VCA Alliance. In the Netherlands, WWF is set to create awareness and spur public debate, working closely with our Alliance partner Hivos.

Joins us for Just Climate Action.

Who we are

The Alliance consists of Slum Dwellers International, South South North, Fundación Avina, Akina Mama wa Africa, Hivos and WWF-NL (lead partner). Our governance is based on transparency and trust, as well as Southern voice and ownership through broad Southern representation in decision making at all levels.


More information

We have selected a few interesting publications and articles for further reading:


Grievance procedure

To present a complaint related to the VCA programme you can write to grievance@voicesforclimateaction.org or use the grievance mechanisms of the individual Alliance partners. Please indicate the reasons of your grievance, date of occurrence, proposed solution and a contact to follow up.

Inspiring stories & results

Jaime Rojo / WWF-US

The Silent Drought – Life without water in the forests of Bolivia

All life needs water. It is essential for our ecosystems to stay in balance. However, the quest for freshwater is a daily struggle within the Chiquitano Dry Forest of Bolivia. In these regions water scarcity is leading to thirst to all its inhabitants, including the local communities, Indigenous Peoples, cattle, animals, forests, and fauna. The Bolivian journalist Roberto Navia provides us with an intriguing documentary of the daily suffering of all these inhabitants living within these dry forests.
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WWF / Simon Rawles

A vlog: the need for equitable and accessible climate finance

A vlog by WWF-employee Barbara Nakangu
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Guyra Paraguay

The right to a future

Read the stories from the report 'The right to a future' and discover how the rights of the people in Paraguay are violated.
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Greg Armfield / WWF-UK

One year of Voices for Just Climate Action

The world is increasingly becoming aware of the devastating impacts that the climate crisis has not only on nature, but also on people. In February of this year, the IPCC stressed that the consequences of the crisis hit the world’s most vulnerable places and people disproportionally. It also made clear that it’s possible to bend the curve. In collaboration with those who face the brunt of climate change, and with nature as our ally. The concept of Climate Justice has never been more relevant.
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Climate Justice through the eyes of an African woman

The climate crisis that we are facing has no frontiers. It impacts all of us, but it really hits specific groups a lot harder: Women, youth, the poor, indigenous people and local communities living in the world’s most affected countries by climate change. How and why? And what is the relation between climate change and women?
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Henry Maillet & Jeffrey Wong/WWF-Paraguay

Improving human rights and nature in Paraguay

Every 4 years, the United Nations undertake a Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in each UN Member State. The UPR is a unique process which involves a review of the human rights records. This year Paraguay was reviewed. To amplify the recommendations, WWF has supported local partners to publish a shadow report from civil society to highlight the links between human rights and conservation.
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