Bente van der Wilt
10 maart 2021

We have a message for you

'We need to take care of nature in order for nature to take care of us.' Five passionate people from Bolivia, Indonesia, Madagascar, Myanmar and Suriname. They tell you about what nature means to them and their communities. And why we should protect it. They have a message for you!

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This video stars five local partners who played an important role in our Shared Resources Joint Solutions programme (2016-2020), a strategic partnership between IUCN NL, the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and WWF NL.

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Twee kindjes in Bolivia Gustavo Ybarra / WWF

About SRJS

With SRJS, we support and strengthen local NGOs and civil society organisations in 16 countries, so that we can safeguard water supply, climate resilience and food security together with governments and companies. We also ensure that these organisations work together to become stronger.

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