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04 november 2020

Climate proofing investments: Launching WWF's Asset owner guide on climate adaptation

Despite continuing efforts to slow the rate and degree of human-induced climate change, its impacts are unavoidable and increasing. Climate change has become a megatrend that can disrupt markets, dislocate communities, and have devastating impact on nature and biodiversity.

This will have an extensive impact on people and nature, and the international investment community is increasingly recognising the need to place more of a focus on adapting to a changing climate. As institutional investors in the private sector, and often with exposure to the whole economy, asset owners increasingly recognise that climate adaptation represents significant investment opportunities and approaches to risk management in a way that is consistent with their fiduciary duty and stewardship in a warming world.


Asset owner guide on climate adaptation

To support these efforts, WWF will launch its new Asset owner guide on climate adaptation on Wednesday 18 November 2020, during the London Climate Action Week. The guide provides seven recommendations on climate adaptation for global asset owners. Are you interested in joining the launch? Please register here and download the guide below.

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