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Need inspiration?

To provide you with some inspiration, a few example projects that were supported by the INNO-fund are given.

Since 2003, the INNO-fund support Dutch foundations that take an innovative approach to nature conservation. This is done by grants of € 10.000. Now we also want to embark on this adventure with students. To provide you with some inspiration, multiple testimonials of organizations that were supported by the INNO-fund are listed here.

Recycled Park in Rotterdam

Recycled Island Foundation

The INNO-grant was our seed money and was of great importance to the realization of this project.”

80% of all plastic that ends up in the sea gets there through rivers. Therefore, it is important to catch plastic in the rivers before it ends up in sea.

  • This is what Recycled Island Foundation does: they catch plastic in rivers with a plastic trap.
  • They upcycle the captured plastic and create floating parks.
  • The park provides more greenery for the inhabitants of Rotterdam and it has an ecological function.
Neushoorn in het gras Jonathan Caramanus / Green Renaissance / WWF-UK

Smart Parks Foundation

INNO stood at the cradle of the development of Smart Parks.”

Smart Parks has implemented a private network, based on LoRaWan technology, in a wild park in Tanzania. They also implanted sensors in the horns of the critically endangered black rhinos. With this network and the sensors, the rangers have the ability to accurately monitor the location and the behaviour of large mammals and protect them against poaching. This network is harder to hack, than previously used networks. This method costs less time and energy, and it is cheaper. Thanks to the support of the INNO-fund, Smart Parks was able to improve the reach of the network in one of the parks they work in. Because of this, all the black rhinos in this park are now protected.

Drie honden Ron van de A

Painted Dog Conservation Foundation

“INNO had a great added value to our project. Thanks to INNO we could take the first step and our foundation could grow after that.”

The Painted Dog Conservation Foundation is dedicated to the conservation of the painted dogs. Less than 7.000 painted dogs live in the wild. Habitat loss and poaching are the leading causes of population declines. Protection is more than necessary to conserve this species. Because of the INNO-grant, the foundation could do DNA research on the health of the population. Next to that, they developed collars that protect painted dogs against snare traps. Thanks to these collars the mortality rates of painted dogs caught in snares decreased with 70%.

In need of more inspiration?

Hopefully you have been inspired by these awesome projects. Do you need more inspiration? No worries, a few issues are mentioned below.

  • The biggest cause of deforestation and ocean dead zones (areas in the sea where little to no life is possible, because of shortage of oxygen) is the livestock industry. Therefore, new and more sustainable alternatives are needed.
  • Plastic pollution is an immense problem. 80% of the plastic that ends up in the sea, reaches it through the rivers. Do you have a genius idea on how plastic can be caught in rivers before it reaches the sea or a different idea on how we can solve plastic pollution? 
  • Or do you have an idea on how to better protect elephants, conserve forests, decrease by-catch of fish, or another innovative idea, then submit your idea now!

If you are not sure if your idea is eligible for the challenge, do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to answer all your questions.

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