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Frequently Asked Questions

About the INNO Student Challenge

About the challenge

Why is it called the INNO Student Challenge?

The challenge is organized by the INNO-fund, which is a fund of WWF-NL. Next to that, we are looking for INNOvative ideas.

Who organizes the INNO Student Challenge?

The challenge is organized by the INNO-fund, which is a fund of WWF-NL. The INNO-fund supports Dutch foundations with innovative conservation projects.

Why is the INNO Student Challenge organized?

It is our mission to conserve animal- and plant species. We cannot do this alone. We want to engage younger generations, because they can have a fresh view on problems and come up with innovative solutions. Thus, the challenge is organized because our planet needs innovative solutions to be able to survive.

What is the INNO Student Challenge?

The challenge is a competition for students and recent graduates (max. 2 years after graduation), that have an innovative idea for nature conservation. Through the challenge we want to encourage students to be part of the solution and help them realize their ideas about conservation. This by providing them with an award of € 10.000,- and professional coaching sessions.

About participation

What are the conditions for participation?
  • You can participate alone or in a team
  • You need to be at least 18 years old and cannot be older than 30
  • You need to study and live in the Netherlands. If you are a recent graduate, you need to have a degree acquired in the Netherlands and still live in the Netherlands
  • Your project stimulates nature conservation in an innovative way
  • You need to have a passion for nature
  • You cannot have an organization yet, however, you do want to start one
Is it a problem if I participate with my graduation project?

No, this is not a problem at all. As long as your project contributes to conservation in an innovative way, we are excited to read your ideas.

What if I cannot attend on the different dates?

All dates are mandatory. Pitching your idea on the fourth of June 2020 is very important to us as we want to get to know the person behind the idea. If you participate in a team, it is not necessary for the whole team to be present. Next to that, you really want to be present on the 25th of June 2020 during the award ceremony. Because who doesn’t want to receive a cheque of € 10.000, - in real life.

Will participating in the challenge cause study delay?

Participating in the challenge does not have to result in study delay. It is expected that you are willing to work hard on realizing your idea, this means that a lot of time and energy could go into the project.

About the awards

What can I win?

The three best ideas all win € 10.000,- each and professional coaching sessions.

What can I use the money for?

The money will be deposited in the bank account of a legal entity (organisation). Thus the money needs to be spend on realizing the idea. It is not allowed to use the majority of the money on western salaries.

About the subject

Do I need to come up with my own idea?

Yes, you need to come up with your own idea, but we are convinced that you are able to do so! To get you started we have provided you with some project examples are here. These projects were previously supported by the INNO-fund. Hopefully this inspires you to participate.

What is meant by SMART formulation of goals?

Formulating your goals SMART is important because it provides you with a sense of direction, motivation and a clear focus. It is used to guide goal setting. SMART is an acronym which stands for; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. SMART goals incorporate all of these criteria to help focus your efforts and increase the chances of achieving that goal.

Do I have to be involved in a certain study programme or degree?

You need to study or have studied at a recognized Dutch mbo, University of Applied Sciences or University. The programme that you follow does not matter, as long as you have an innovative idea for conservation.

In what phase does my project need to be?

It does not matter in which phase your project is, as long as the idea is innovative and you do not have an organization yet. Have you been dreaming about an opportunity like this for years and have you figured out exactly how you will carry out your idea or have you just found your passion for conservation? It doesn’t matter, as long as you are passionate and you have an awesome idea.

Can I graduate at the INNO-fund Student Challenge?

You can participate in the challenge with your graduation project. The challenge itself is not a degree program.

Is your idea going to save the world?