The winners of the INNO Student Challenge are ready to protect nature

Simon Rawles / WWF UK

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The first edition of the INNO Student Challenge, in which WWF-NL encourages students to come up with innovative solutions for nature conservation problems, started in December 2020. Students could submit their innovative idea. The best ten ideas where selected, these needed to be elaborated in the form of a project plan and a project pitch. On the evening of the 29th of September 2020 the three winners were revealed. Each winner was rewarded with 10.000 euros and a professional business coach to realize their idea.

The winners

'Green Healthcare', 'Picking up good Vibrations' and 'ReShore' are the three winners of the WWF INNO Student Challenge.

'Green Healthcare' believes that the medical world can become less wasteful and polluting. It aims to replace single-use materials in hospitals by reusable ones.

'Picking up good Vibrations' wants to create a world free of big game poaching. Their idea is to set up a novel kind of surveillance system that can be integrated into pre-existing monitoring systems; their system would employ detection of seismic or substrate-borne vibrations emitted by vehicles in the area, to alert park staff to the presence of suspected unauthorised vehicles in the area.

'ReShore' wants to reduce coastal erosion, improve coastal biodiversity and increase ocean-based production using ground-breaking, multi-purpose technology. Their mission is to design and implement ecologically enhanced breakwater solutions that protect coastlines, restore ecosystems and provide food and income to local communities.


The INNO-fund

More than twenty years ago WWF founded the INNO-fund. This fund supports Dutch foundations with their innovative nature conservation projects. The INNO Student Challenge is a spin-off of this fund and challenges students and recent graduates to come up with innovative solutions for nature conservation. The three best ideas each win 10.000 euros and professional coaching sessions. The coaches are entrepreneurs and experts in the field that will each coach one of the winning teams for the first year.

The challenge is made possible by major donors of WWF and Munt Hypotheken.