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Shaping nature-inclusive finance

Economic value generation is intrinsically dependent on nature. The Dutch financial sector has a pivotal role in shifting capitals towards a nature-inclusive financial system.

​Money, so they say, makes the world go round. We believe that it can do much more than that. Meaningful investments can make a positive difference to the future of people and nature. 

More than half of the world’s economic output – US$44tn of economic value generation – is dependent on nature, according to estimates by the World Economic Forum. Many financial institutions and regulators acknowledge that nature loss poses material risks and opportunities for the finance sector.

By demonstrating the value of nature and the links between financial and environmental risks, we aim to redirect the flow of finance away from activities that harm our planet, towards those that heal.

WWF-NL's Green Finance Program is set to catalyze best practices and collaborate with the Dutch financial sector to become a force for nature-inclusive finance.

The Green Finance Unit works with Dutch financial institutions to enable sustainable capital shifts, in three ways:

  • Direct Drivers: Mobilizing stewardship around direct drivers of biodiversity loss, focussing on water and land-use change
  • Nature First: Piloting and promoting biodiversity approaches, tools and experiences with leading investors to transition towards nature-inclusive finance
  • Regulation: Mobilizing a supportive regulatory environment at a national level for due consideration of nature by the financial sector.
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We work with banks, insurers, regulators and others to realize a transition to a nature-inclusive financial system. Examples of our work include:

  • 1

    Partnership Rabobank

    A collaborative partnership with Rabobank, to forge a nature-inclusive food and agricultural sector.

  • 2

    Partnership VBDO

    A partnership with the Dutch Association for Responsible Investment (VBDO) to mobilize net-zero commitments from Dutch Asset Owners.

  • 3

    Partnership GIIN

    A partnership with the Global Impact Investment Network (GIIN) to develop guidance on investing in biodiversity.

  • 4

    Investor guidance

    Providing investor guidance documents to support decision making, related to climate resilience and avoiding deforestation.

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Financial risk related to biodiversity loss
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Climate proofing investments
Launching WWF's Asset owner guide on climate adaptation
Een portret van Aaron Vermeulen
Aaron Vermeulen
Head of Green Finance at WWF Netherlands
Money must work for nature, not against it
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